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重要【アニレヴ Streaming SESSION】払い戻しに関するご案内

アニレヴ Streaming SESSIONの開催を断念せざるを得ない結論となりました。

2021/01/12(火) から 2021/01/26(火) までの間、各プレイガイドにて払い戻しを受け付けます。
詳細は以下 URL よりご確認お願い致します。
▼ Customers who purchase with Rakuten tickets(Overseas sales)
Please check the URL below for details.
[Confirmation of refund method]


Thank you for your support of ANIRAVE.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have come to the conclusion to abandon the ANIRAVE Streaming SESSION.
After discussing the fact that the spread of corona infection is accelerating on a nationwide scale, and that the event will be held during the period of the emergency declaration, we have made the very difficult decision that it will be difficult to ensure the safety of the artists, DJs, and staff.
We apologize for the disappointing news to those who have been looking forward to this event.
In the midst of the spread of the new coronavirus since last year, we have been searching for something to move forward with for the past year.
It is with great regret that we have to make this announcement just after we were finally able to deliver the new ANIRAVE.
But ANIRAVE, the entertainment, will never stop.
We sincerely hope that the spread of the new coronavirus will be brought under control as soon as possible.
All of us at ANIRAVE
【Ticket Refund】
The timing of the substitute event is currently undecided.
All purchased tickets will be refunded.
Refunds will be accepted at all ticket agencies from 2021/01/12(Tue) to 2021/1/26(Tue).
All tickets will be refunded.
<For customers who purchased with Ticket Pia>
【Refund procedure】
The refund procedure differs depending on the ticket pick-up method.
Please check your method of ticket pick-up and go to the following URL to find out how to get a refund.
<For customers who have purchased tickets with Rakuten Ticket (domestic sales)>
Please refer to the following URL for details.
【Confirmation of refund method】
<Customers who purchase with Rakuten tickets(Overseas sales)>
Please check the URL below for details.
【Confirmation of refund method】